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Row house at nipania dhanlaxmi colony

Row house  at low cast in nipania , in dhanlaxmi colony, campus coverd colony, security 24 hours, boring water upcoming narmada water, cementad road , near by DPS school, and bhind D MART MOLL, relayans HOSPITA, MANDIR, SHOP, MARKET PLASE ARE WAKING DISTANS,

Plot Size: 10*50, 500Sq

One bhk, indujal house with towar, and  good elivation, shalf tayras, wll putti, pop foll ciling, holl and bed room, one wall paper in holl & room, 2x2 floring stil dubble charg, plambar company nal fitting, isi pipe line upvc & cpve and dranaj, wiring policap  swich westorn wega modular swich,  

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